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Fiji National University is the largest university in the South Pacific. FNU enrolls over twenty thousand students from a wide range of countries, and in a wide range of academic, technical and vocational programmes. FNU operations are found at over 30 different locations. Programmes are offered at the Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels through five colleges and the National Training and Productivity Centre.

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Ref NumPosition TitleClosing Date
AC 282/16Professor in Computer Science (Re-Advertised)06-Nov-2016
AC 281/16Assistant Professor in Veterinary Clinical Medicine06-Nov-2016
AD 298/16Executive Assistant (Re-advertised)04-Nov-2016
AD 297/16Warden (Re-Advertised)04-Nov-2016
AD 296/16Clerk of Works (Re-Advertised)04-Nov-2016
AD 295/16Cafeteria Supervisor (Re-Advertised)04-Nov-2016
AD 294/16Academic Officer (Re-Advertised)04-Nov-2016
AD 293/16Quarters and Lodge Assistant (Re-Advertised)04-Nov-2016
AC 288/16Lecturer II in Law04-Nov-2016
AC 287/16Training Officer in Electrical Engineering (Re-Advertised)04-Nov-2016
AC 276/16Assistant Professor in Primary Health Care (NCD) (Re-Advertised)30-Oct-2016
AD 292/16Audit Assistant28-Oct-2016
AD 291/16MIS Programmers & Support (Re-Advertised)28-Oct-2016
AD 290/16Quality Service Officer (Re-Advertised)28-Oct-2016
AD 289/16Senior Academic Officer (Re-Advertised)28-Oct-2016
AD 288/16Assistant Webmaster (Re-Advertised)28-Oct-2016
AD 287/16Quality Officer (Re-Advertised)28-Oct-2016
AD 286/16Operation Supervisor (Re-Advertised)28-Oct-2016
AC 286/16Tutor In Geography28-Oct-2016
AC 285/16Lecturer I in PBL28-Oct-2016
AC 284/16Management Trainer (Re-advertised)28-Oct-2016