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Fiji National University is the largest university in the South Pacific. FNU enrolls over twenty thousand students from a wide range of countries, and in a wide range of academic, technical and vocational programmes. FNU operations are found at over 30 different locations. Programmes are offered at the Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels through five colleges and the National Training and Productivity Centre.

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Ref NumPosition TitleClosing Date
AC 168/17Assistant Professor Veterinary Surgery & Radiology18-Aug-2017
AC 167/17Assistant Professor Veterinary Gynecology & Obstetrics18-Aug-2017
AC 166/17Professor of Biology 18-Aug-2017
AC 162/17Assistant Professor in Mathematics11-Aug-2017
AC 161/17Assistant Professor in Computer Science11-Aug-2017
AC 160/17Assistant Professor in Biology 11-Aug-2017
AD 187/17Draftsman04-Aug-2017
AD 186/17Electrician 04-Aug-2017
AD 185/17Property Officer04-Aug-2017
AD 184/17Welder04-Aug-2017
AD 183/17Air Condition Technician04-Aug-2017
AD 182/17Plumber04-Aug-2017
AD 181/17Executive Assistant04-Aug-2017
AD 180/17Executive Officer04-Aug-2017
AD 179/17Academic Assistant04-Aug-2017
AD 178/17Executive Officer04-Aug-2017
AD 177/17Library Attendant 04-Aug-2017
AD 176/17Library Assistant04-Aug-2017
AD 175/17Housekeeper04-Aug-2017
AD 174/17Driver04-Aug-2017
AD 173/17Finance Assistant04-Aug-2017
AD 172/17Quality Service Officer - Fiji Business Excellence Awards 04-Aug-2017
AD 171/17Customer Service Officer04-Aug-2017
AC 165/17Senior Lecturer in OHS04-Aug-2017
AC 164/17Lecturer II in Education04-Aug-2017
AD 170/17Executive Officer28-Jul-2017
AD 169/17Office Administrator (Re-Advertised)28-Jul-2017
AD 168/17Manager Building Repair & Maintenance (Re-Advertised)28-Jul-2017
AD 167/17Deputy University Librarian (Re-advertised)28-Jul-2017
AD 166/17Chief Librarian (Re-advertised)28-Jul-2017
AD 165/17Groundsman (Re-advertised) 28-Jul-2017
AC 159/17Lecturer I in Civil Engineering28-Jul-2017
AC 158/17Tutor in Civil Engineering28-Jul-2017