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Fiji National University is the largest university in the South Pacific. FNU enrolls over twenty thousand students from a wide range of countries, and in a wide range of academic, technical and vocational programmes. FNU operations are found at over 30 different locations. Programmes are offered at the Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels through five colleges and the National Training and Productivity Centre.

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Ref NumPosition TitleClosing Date
AC 55/17Associate Professor in Anatomy (Re-advertised)17-Mar-2017
AC 54/17Assistant Professor in Soil Science 17-Mar-2017
AC 48/17Associate / Assistant Professor in Biology (Ecology)(Re-Advertised) 10-Mar-2017
AD 51/17Office Administrator 03-Mar-2017
AD 50/17Class Auditor 03-Mar-2017
AD 49/17Cafeteria Supervisor (Re-Advertised)03-Mar-2017
AD 48/17Senior ICT Support Officer03-Mar-2017
AD 47/17Executive Assistant 03-Mar-2017
AD 46/17Academic Officer03-Mar-2017
AD 45/17Housekeeper 03-Mar-2017
AD 44/17Marketing and Sales Executive (Re-Advertised)03-Mar-2017
AC 56/17Principal Lecturer in Water Resource Engineering03-Mar-2017
AC 53/17Lecturer II in i-Taukei Language (Re-Advertised)03-Mar-2017
AC 46/17Assistant Professor in Geography (Re-advertised)03-Mar-2017
AC 44/17Assistant Professor in Livestock Products Technology (Re-Advertised)03-Mar-2017
AC 39/17Assistant Professor in Veterinary Biochemistry (Re-Advertised)03-Mar-2017
AC 38/17Professor in Management, IR & HRM (Re-Advertised)26-Feb-2017
AC 31/17Associate Professor in Surgery (Re-Advertised)26-Feb-2017
AC 30/17Associate Professor in Paediatrics (Re-Advertised)26-Feb-2017
AD 43/17Office Administrator24-Feb-2017
AD 42/17Kitchen Staff (Re-Advertised)24-Feb-2017
AD 41/17Academic Assistant (Exams)24-Feb-2017
AD 40/17Chef/Restaurant Attendant (Re-Advertised)24-Feb-2017
AD 39/17Executive Assistant (Re-Advertised)24-Feb-2017
AD 38/17Clerk of Works (Labasa)24-Feb-2017
AC 52/17Lecturer II in Fabrication and Welding24-Feb-2017
AC 51/17Assistant Professor in TVET (Re-Advertised)24-Feb-2017
AC 50/17Part-time Trainer – Chinese language (Re-Advertised)24-Feb-2017
AC 49/17Assistant Professor in Veterinary Public Health (Re-Advertised)24-Feb-2017
AC 47/17Head of Training- Executive Management24-Feb-2017