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Fiji National University is the largest university in the South Pacific. FNU enrolls over twenty thousand students from a wide range of countries, and in a wide range of academic, technical and vocational programmes. FNU operations are found at over 20 different locations. Programmes are offered at the Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels through five colleges and the National Training and Productivity Centre.

Ref NumPosition TitleClosing Date
AC 281/17Pro-Vice Chancellor Research22-Dec-2017
AC 280/17Pro-Vice Chancellor Learning & Teaching 22-Dec-2017
AC 274/17Associate Professor in Surgery (Re-Advertised)15-Dec-2017
AD 263/17Office Administrator (Re-Advertised)08-Dec-2017
AD 261/17Office Administrator (Re-Advertised)08-Dec-2017
AD 260/17Personal Assistant 08-Dec-2017
AC 279/17Lecturer I in Advanced Nursing practice/Nurse Practitioner (Re-Advertised)08-Dec-2017
AC 278/17Lecturer I in Primary and Community Health Nursing (Re-Advertised)08-Dec-2017
AC 277/17Lecturer I in Mechanical (Re-Advertised)08-Dec-2017
AC 276/17Assistant Lecturer in Computer Science/Information Systems08-Dec-2017
AC 275/17Lecturer II in Fabrication and Welding08-Dec-2017
AC 268/17Assistant Professor of Health Services Management08-Dec-2017
AC 273/17Part-time Trainer in Front Office (Re-advertised)01-Dec-2017
AC 272/17Lecturer II in Office Administration 01-Dec-2017
AC 271/17Assistant Lecturer in Public Health01-Dec-2017
AC 270/17Senior Lecturer in Geology, Mining & Quarrying01-Dec-2017
AC 269/17Tutor in Geology, Mining & Quarrying01-Dec-2017
AC 258/17Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering01-Dec-2017